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switcher systems

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i wanna be able to switch between 3 marshall amp heads (jcm 900 (lead sounds), jcm 800 (rhythm sounds) and a jmp (clean sound)) all into the same 2 cabs, at the moment i'm having to just use the jcm 900 live as its the only footswitchable one


my rack currently includes a samson power filter, shure wireless, korg tuner, dunlop racked wah.


I wanna be able to switch between heads after the signals run through that lot. i dont use any pedals, i keep my sounds nice and simple, i got all 3 amp heads cheap second hand for studio use but it'd be nice to use em all live if possible without spending loads.


the only suggestions i've had so far require each amp to have its own cabs such as the digital music corp ground control and gcx, which seems vastly over the top.


i cant transport more than 2 cabs, plus theirs no point and no room to have 6cabs on any stage i've played or am likely to ever play, and i really dont wanna buy another 4!


someone mentioned the bradshaw amp selector systems, but theirs a LONG wait (like till late 2006!)


anyone got any suggestions on any other products out their and how best to rig it all up,


much appreciated


cheers guys


Joe Alexander

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run an ABY with the clean and dirty amps and then get this to run the 2 dirty heads on one cab


this will give you the JMP which is going to be clean all the time, and the JCM 800 and 900 on one cab



use this pedal here to swtich between the dirty heads



make sure you get the VT one cause its made for tube amps


your signal would end up being like this in the end


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