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rack or GT8????

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So I bought my JSX and was ready to rebuild my rig this summer....Asked questions, read threads. I've had the G major suggested, as well as individual pedals, and multi effects pedals. Saw a buddy's band this past weekend. Last time I saw him he was running a Ground control and pedals, rack mounted stuff. Sounded really good. Basically convinced me to kinda start going that route.


This past weekend saw them again, 2 months have lapsed since the last time, and he's now running a Boss GT8. With the minor problems of patch settings because of the newness to the unit, he sounded just as good, if not a little better.


My question is which way would you guys suggest going. I have had a gt3, and it was pretty decent for what I could get out of it. The GT8 sounds killer and has amp switching as well (gt3 didnt). But i like the style and idea behind the Ground control system.


If I understand the GC system, if say I needed two flange settings, I woudl essentially need two flange pedals right? You can't control parameters of the pedals involved in that system?


Also how about the whole bang for your buck ratio....any help is greatly appreciated.



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