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GLS 1/4" plugs. Either I'm in the dark or everyone here is high!!

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Everyone uses switchcraft 280 plugs for racks it seems and they all say go to markertech for the best prices and what I find there is 1.65 a piece. Has anyone heard of GLS plugs. I will include a picture. They look exactly the same. They use fiberglass inserts just like switchcraft. However, if you go to ebay and buy them in 100 packs they are $.80 a piece. Has anyone used these? I'm thinking not many people know about them or something. Anyhow, just thought I'd pass that on. Unless I can find switchcraft plugs for $.80 a piece I'm going GLS. Unless of course they are crap which is why I'm writing this post. Anyhow, let me know. Thanks

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