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SPAM-H&K Acess/VS 250 setup...

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if you're interested, then you probably know about this phenomenal setup. here's some info:


i have a recto half-stack with a processor at the practice space for the band situation, but i really want a combo for playing and recording at home.



i'm going to sell off my H&K Access preamp and matching VS250 poweramp . the Access is comparable to the Triaxis, with a lot more features (and to my ears, a lot more useable sounds) you can check out the reviews on here for more info, but just real quick it has 3 channels, clean, medium gain, and high gain. 3 switchable fx loops. an external preamp loop, headphone outs, full midi contol, 128 presets, and sounds amazing. the VS250 is a 50w/side EL84 stereo power amp. 2 switchable presence controls on each channel. switchable down to 25w per side. individual standby for each side. 4, 8, and 16 ohm outs on each side. this is a killer combination.


if you had a johnson millenium with j-12, and cash we could probably work something out as well.


i was looking for $1000 + shipping, but i've dropped it down to $900 + shipping for the Access and VS-250, which is a killer deal.


thats about it. drop me a line at SBRMAlahr@aol.com with questions, etc...



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