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Maybe not a "Monster" rack... but a "PAC rack"???

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To make things easier for some upcoming gigs, I took a full sized video game cabinet that I had, cut the top off, cut some of the bottom off, and modified it to hold my audio gear.




There's an inner rack that supports all of the gear on metal rack rail, a shelf to support and anchor the amp, as well as allowing ventilation around the equipment.


The top area holding the mixer is braced with wood and metal. The area where the videogame controls were has been replaced with an inset control panel for the dual CD player (with Karaoke video output for those gigs too.)




I also used a bracket to anchor the illuminated power extension cord so if anyone trips over that, it won't rip the cord out of the back of the rack. There's a single pull out drawer between the amp and the CD player.


I'm planning on getting some Mackie 1530 speakers to go with the powered monitors I use.... so eventually the Mackie amp will come out and more effects will go in there (the rest of my outboard gear is in a stand alone rack with my Mesa Boogie.)

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