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How to reduce Noise in the Rack

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I would like any advise on the following. I have a rack with the following signal chain: Rocktron Rack Interface > Dunlop Rack Wah > TC Electronics G-Force > Mesa Boogie Mark 4. I use a Rocktron All Access to steer everything. This works fine.


When I replace the Mese Boogie amp with my new Alessandro Bluetick amp, the noise from the rack is too much. I thick the reason it is bothering now is that the Alessandro amp is just so much better than the Mese Boogie, so it picks up the noise that I didn't notice that much before. (if I go straight in the Alessandro there is no noise at all, it is definately produced by the rack. Even just putting the G-Force between guitar and Alessandro adds quit some noise).


I'm now thinking of two things.

1. Add a ISP Decimator ProrackG in the signal chain in the rack to reduce noise.

2. Add a DMC GCX Guitar Audio Switcher in the rack, so that when I don't use the G-Force or Rack wah, the signal will go straight to the amp instead of still running through these.


Do you think 1 and 2 are the right thing to do? Does anyone know where I can buy a DMC GCX? (can't find them anywhere for sale)





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Well it sounds to me like you have a ground loop hum.

A Decimator will hide it, but won't get rid of it.

I suggest that you keep the head grounded, and remove the power ground from all the other units. You only need a single ground in a rack system.

Do you use 110 or 220 voltage????

If it's 110, you can easily check this out by getting a few 3 prong adaptors to lift the ground on the other units. All of the components are sharing a common ground via the audio cables/instrument cables, so there is only a need for one, and it's not dangerous.

I'd also suggest a good power conditioner.




My entire rack only has one ground on one of my power amps. Everything else is grounded via the audio cables....


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