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SPAM: Nice Gear For Sale


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I need a new microphone. Here's what I'm selling:


Two CAA 1x12 cabs. Essentially two brand new cabs. I bought them unloaded and installed 8ohm V30 in them. They set on stands in my basement studio and were used sparingly for my WDW setup. Not a mark on them. $670 + shipping.


Two Carvin DCM150 power amps. Purchased Summer 2005. Used one for my WDW setup. The other is unused (I didn't buy the powered monitors I wanted). I have the manuals and product literature. They never left my basement studio and are in like-new condition. $175 each + shipping.


Two Palmer ADIG-LB PGA-04. One is older with green lettering and plastic knobs. The other is newer with white lettering and metal knobs. Both are in like-new condition and were used sparingly in the basement studio. $360 each + shipping.


Voodoo Lab System Mix with full-space rack tray. Like-new condition. I have the manual. $205 + shipping.


Axess BS2. One slight 1/2" scratch on one side. No velcro. Otherwise, like new. $105 + shipping.


THD 16 ohm Hot Plate. Like-new condition. I bought two but needed only one. I believe I have the manual. $185 + shipping.


Please PM me if you're interested. PayPal okay.





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