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g-major whammy question

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Hi all,


I have a digitech xp-100 whammy and I hate the delay/noise/tone suckage. I would upgrade to a whammy4 or a boss ps5 but I hear they aren't that much better. I wouldn't mind having a decent multi-fx like the G-major since I already have a fcb1010. Can any users of this (or other sub-$400 rack fx) remark on the quality/sound of the whammy (pitch-shifting) effect?


Note: I'm more interested in the pure pitch-shifting (i.e. up/down octave) than the harmonizing (added 4th/5th/etc) features, since the xp-100 is actually pretty good at those. It just sucks at doing octave up/down without tons of digital static and loss of tracking.

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