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Aphex 9901A parametric EQ help!!!

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Hey there is a guy selling two Aphex 9901A lunchbox Eq's for $100 a piece. Aphex says that they were sort of made to copy the EQ-2 but better. My question is, is this a good price and will they sound like a EQ-1 or EQ-2? I don't know how big of a difference the model will make. I know two overdrive pedals can sound completely different but can two EQ's with the same set frequency and setting sound much different? I want one to get closer to the Master Of Puppets tone along with a Les Paul, Mesa Mark III, and a Marshall 1960BV with V30's. Should I get it? I want to know beofre someone else takes them.



Also I have MetallicA's exact setting from gearslutz.com/sweetsilcence so I wouldn't be just guessing on where to set them.

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