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FS: ART Tube Channel and Rocktron MultiValve


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ART Tube Channel: 1U mic preamp/compressor/parametric EQ channel strip with 12AX7 tube, which I used (EQ only) to warm up solid state guitar preamps for recording. The manual is available from ART in PDF format. $90 shipped.


Rocktron MultiValve: 1U guitar effects processor with 12AX7 tube. I used this for EQ, Hush and numerous effects. It can be used with a MIDI controller, although I did not do so for my recording purposes. Also has speaker simulation with mic placement controls, various "signature" presets (EVH, Dimebag, etc.) and extensive control over effect order and layering. The control wheel sometimes "skips" but this is a minor thing and doesn't occur when using MIDI. I have the manual (in rough shape) or it is available from Rocktron in PDF format. $200 shipped.


Both of these pieces have been in my smoke-free home recording rack for the several years that I've owned them, and any cosmetic flaws are from previous owners. I didn't gig with these, and have only put about 20 hours on each in the 4+ years I've owned them. I'll accept PayPal or USPS money orders only, and will only ship in the USA. If you are interested in both, I'll take $10 off for combined shipping. No trades.


PM if interested.

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