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XelderX rack build


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I've been messing around with rack setups for several years now, but I still consider myself a novice. I've started to put together some respectable equipment and now it's time to make it all work together. First is a list of equipment I already have.


Gator 12 space rack

Power Conditioner

Korg DTR-1 tuner

Kasha Rockmod II tube Preamp

Crate CA-1P Acoustic Preamp

Rocktron Hush Super C

Peavey Classic 60/60 power amp

Behringer FCB1010


Yamaha AES620

Peavey Generation EXP w/ piezo


The Peavey guitar and the Crate preamp are new additions and are what is going to complicate the rack. In order to keep the project simple, cheap, and not get overwhelmed I'm going to concentrate on one problem at a time.


The first problem is the 2 different guitars. The Yamaha has a typical 1/4" mono output. The Peavey has a 1/4" stereo output to split the magnetic and piezo pickups. I want to be able to switch guitars on the fly without having to mess with inputs on the rack going to two different preamps. I want one singular box where both style cords can be pluged into the front and then the proper routing can be done to the preamps inside the rack. I've bought a small aluminum project box from Radio Shack along with a few stereo and mono jacks. The front of the box will have one stereo input for the Peavey and one mono input for the Yamaha. The back of the box will have one mono output for the piezo signal going to the Crate pre, one mono output going to the Kasha for the magnetic pickups of both guitars, and possibly a third output for the tuner. I'm well versed in mechanics, but not very schooled on electronics so any insight on the best way to wire this box would be most appreciated. I'll try and draw a basic picture later this evening when I have the time.

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I ran into a slight snag with the Peavey Generation EXP last night. I discovered that the piezo circuit for the low E string wasn't working. I found a broken wire at the connector for that circuit at the plug where it connects to the circuit board. I did some quick research and found a replacement connector and pins from Mouser Electronics (the connector is part # A4B-2S-2C and the crimp pins are part # A3B-2630SCC, should anyone in the future run into the same problem). I'm waiting on those parts to get here so I can move on to replacing the bridge humbucker with a SD '59 to match the Yamaha.


Here is the rack so far. I haven't had a chance to mount the input splitter box yet and I'm still waiting to purchase a used Akai MB-76 to handle the output switching to the power amp.



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Look for the 'Macro' button on your camera (or where it shows the little picture of the flower) - it'll give you better quality close up pics that won't be all blurry.



It was my girlfriend's camera and it wasn't cooperating. I was trying to get some macro pics of a circuit board connection I was working on and I just couldn't get it to focus properly.


I'll hopefully have some updates on the rack in the next week or two. I tried to get it all hooked up before my last show, but had a problem with the input signal so I took the splitter box out and just went with one preamp.

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