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VoiceWorks rack vs VoiceLive rack

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I'm looking into adding some vocal processors to the PA setup.  From what I've been able to find, the VoiceLive Rack seems to be the cream of the crop, but it is very expensive.  The VoiceWorks Plus rack seems to be more reasonably priced. 


I looked at the side by side comparison on TC Helicon's site, and it looks like the VoiceLive rack might be overkill for what I need it for. I will be using it in a live setting for gigging, not recording, so I don't need all the I/O configurations the VoiceLive has.  I will only use it for voice processing, so I don't need the guitar processing functions that the VoiceLive has.  I also figure 100 presets is probably enough, so I can forego the 200 that the VoiceLive has. 


So for my purposes, the only reason to go with the VoiceLive over the VoiceWorks would be if what's "under the hood" for the VoiceLive is noticeably better than the VoiceWorks (i.e., it sounds THAT much better) and/or if in a live setting the VoiceLive is easier to manipulate than the VoiceWorks. 


Can anyone who has worked with these units provide any feedback?

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