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Peak FCB4N2 question...

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I can't figure out how they make these things so cheaply, but whatever!  I'm looking at one of these to control my TimeFactor, as well as connect up a rackmount compressor and one or two other things (I have a very "core" set of effects that I use).  My question is, can you dedicate let's say, three of the buttons to presets and one to an "on demand" switch.  I had a Ground Control some time ago and this was one of the features that I loved (I don't want/need anything that big anymore).  I'm basically looking to do something like this as Bank 1 to hold my main sounds.  Additional banks would be song specific, but I might have two presets with two "on demand" buttons, say tuner on one and my Mojo Vibe on another.


Button 1 - Clean (Compressor, TF Delay Preset)

Button 2 - Crunch/Rhythm (Overdrive, TF Delay Preset)

Button 3 - Lead (Compressor, Overdrive, TF Deay Preset)

Button 4 - Tuner/Mute Bypass

(You guessed it, I use delay instead of reverb for spaciousness.)


The other option I'm looking at for twice the price or so, is the RJM Mastermind.  I'll probably be going with their Mini Effects Gizmo, as it has 5 loops instead of the Peak's 4.  It also has an expression pedal input, though I'm not quite sure what I would use it for at the moment!

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