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Does any member help me about Roland RD700?


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I am Guilherme Schroeter

Composer pianist from Brasil


I am new owner of Roland RD700 (Stage Digital Piano)

Really fantastic keyboard...


I see the good explanation from all your Guys.

I am very impress to see how you know about RD700.



In Brasil we don't have this kind of degree of knowledge in

Eletronic Keyboards, because the information about

is very small.


For example, the Roland suport here is not good than the UK, or US.

and Uk and US say, ...contact your Brasilian Roland Suport.

I am not a tennis ball.


You can help me little information?


First, I need the Roland RD700

Instrument Definition Files (*.isn)

To put in my Cakewalks 3.0 or 4.0 Pro Audio (6.0)


I used before (and have now) one Yamaha PSR 510

(GM), and this instrument worked good with my Cakewalks (Encore)

But no have 88 keys, no PA-5, etc

And I need this to "record" my performance in Cakewalk.


Second, when I start play my Sinfonic Ouverture, for example,

and send the playback to external MIDI Instrument (Roland RD700)

the Violin (from Cakewalk/Yamaha PR 510 GM list)sounds

flute and oboe sounds clarinet and follows..:(


I don't know how Cakewalk can control my Roland RD700?

with correct sounds GM instruments.


If you can be so kind, and give any information



If you know where I can find de RD700 Cakewalk *.ins

(cakewalk home page don't have)or Where is the GM bank

list in RD700, thanks a lot for any information.


My Roland suport doesn't help, Cakewalk too.


My last chance is contact the RD700 owners, and ask to help.


Thanks a lot




Guilherme Schroeter

from Brasil

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