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Light triggers from drum pads...?


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Originally posted by ariscorkos

Is there such a thing as a lighting controller that is triggered by drum pads of some sort...something that the drummer can whack from time to time to get different lights to go on or off?

If so, where can I find one? Thanks for your help


Actually a pretty freaking interesting idea. I happen to have a drum pad and a MIDI signal converter lying around at practice that my guitarist is using for a TR-808 drop. I might play around with some wires and see where I can take it.


I assume that you could rig something up that would work. You'd need some kind of sensitive relay, and something to not only convert the pad's signal but amplify it enough to trip the relay as well.




The easier option, of course, would just be to get a foot-operated one and put it near his kick drum... probably cheaper too. :)

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