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When I power up my 512 Controller I have to move the faders a little to get the LED lights to come on, is this normal ?

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I am new to DMX but familiar with electronics and multiplexing with address, etc.  So I'm not sure if this is normal or not,

I set up a scene using my DMX 512 simple controller.  I shut it off, the LED light fixtures go out.  I turn the controller back on and everything is still out until I move the faders just a little to send the data again to the fixture, I am guessing.  It seems every fixture in the system gets data information just once and sits, if the light or controller is shut off and turned back on the lights do not respond to the existing fader settings unless you move them a little bit.  Is this normal for all DMX controllers or is it because I have an inexpensive controller.  I'm asking because If I upgraded to a nicer controller or computer system would the same thing happen ?  Hope I explained this well enough

Thanks, Gene

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