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3-oscillator synthesizers, is OSC 3 the conventional tone generator and OSC 1 and 2 used for modulation?

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I sheepishly ask a question about...... well, title says it all......

I THINK the trend I've noticed is that OSC 3 is MOSTLY used to create/set the tone of the patch, while OSC's 1 and 2 are relied upon for modulation........ however, the MiniMoog, as I recall, gave OSC 3 the modulation tools, while OSC 1 and 2 were the main tone generators. Of course, the LO (frequency) setting on 1 and 2 was a source of modulation...... I THINK.....(?).

Some most basic questions can be so difficult to verbalize, that's a bigger challenge than the answer :) What and how to Google a subject isn't necessarily as easy as I'd thought.......

So, if anyone has a sense of what I'm talking about, any thoughts, leads to further info will be most appreciated....... even if it's just WHY OSC 3 is what I (awkwardly) see as being the tonal source and OSC 1 and 2 left to modulation. Both OSC 1 and 2 are as capable as OSC 3 for tones, but I have the curse of "sequential" thinking and a bunch of OCD in constant pursuit. Left to right, numerical order, etc. .......... need a "wacko" emoji here.......🤪

Finally, as a newcomer I should mention I can fill up an entire server with what happens because brevity is definitely not my forte :)  Thanks in advance to the patient and kind, and certainly to all who support this excellent resource.

Best regards from Baltimore, USA

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