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Has anyone noticed this about Earnie Ball Volume pedals?


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I had an Earnie Ball VP Jr Volume pedal but had to trade it in on a Jim Dunlop Mini volume pedal because everytime I tried to do a swell...it seemed to only start the swell about halfway down the pedal! There was basically a very tiny sound before you got to the halfway point and THEN it was a LOUD volume and got louder as you went all the way down! I took this to my local music store thinking there was something wrong with the pedal....so they tried mine out and sure enough....it did just as I said.

The sales guy had a funny look on his face like "What is wrong with this pedal"? So....he next got a BRAND NEW Earnie Ball VP JR out of the box..but it did the EXACT SME THING! At the EXACT SAME PLACE on the pedal!  Then he tried a brand new regular earnie ball volume pedal...thinking it was just that model.....nope..it did it on that one too! Then we tried a Jim Dunlop Mini pedal....THAT was how a volume pedal was supposed to work. Very smooth from toe up to toe down! So I traded in my old pedal and and old amp and have had no trouble with my new pedal.

But I talked to the sales guy and asked him if he owned earnie ball volume pedals years before and he said yes, but he did not remember them acting like that! I told him I use to use them all the time....used them so much I would break stings and have to replace the string! But those I remember had a very smooth action...not like the one I had or the ones we played through at all! If they had of acted lkike that I would have traded those in long ago.

I do not know if this is some kind of manufacturing flaw...a bad batch...or WHAT it is! But that pedal I traded in was NOT the Earnie Volume Pedal I have used in the past! It just wasn't! Anyone else had trouble with trying to do a swell on these new Earnie Ball Volume Pedals?

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