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Which Delay or Echo unit can repeat Snare beats?


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Hey guys, I play mp3's from my computer and like to repeat the snare and high hats as much as possible. So the the amount of times the snare can repeat when it hits is what I am seeking BUT guys this has to be done while the music is playing so I can't record and then sample back.

I currently have a Lexicon M200 but the snare will echo or repeat only once when I use the Digital Delay or Ping Pong e.t.c effects e.t.c , maybe I am not using it correctly but that is the effect I am seeking and it does not matter which unit. It also does not need to be a rack mount unit, can even be a pedal if the pedal can be used between the pc and the Vintage receiver. Any suggestions please guys? 

p.s. I had a Digitech RDS 1900 unit years back and used the "double" effect to repeat the snare beat but again it would repeat only once "while the tune is playing".

I found this video here:


which does it but again, can these units repeat the snare beats multiple times while the song is playing?


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