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Krackle Killers™ - cleaning plugs for ¼” audio and musical instrument sockets


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Hi Folks!

Ever plugged your guitar lead into a socket for a gig and only had a sporadic, crappy, crackly sound come out? Or worse still, be halfway through a song and have your instrument drop out, leaving you with no sound happening at all?

What caused it? All the crud that’s built up inside the ¼” socket of your guitar, that’s what.

But how do you clear it out quickly, easily and effectively? The answer is Krackle Killers™

Introducing Krackle Killers™ - purpose-built cleaner plugs for ¼” audio and musical instrument sockets, as used in virtually all electric instruments, effects pedals, amplifiers, pieces of recording equipment and much, much more.

As we all know, open plug sockets allow dirt and corrosion to enter your instrument, amplifier or effects unit.

The result is at minimum an eventually noisy socket, which produces unpleasant, crackly noises when a plug is inserted or moved around (say when you move your guitar and the lead moves within the instrument's output socket).

At worst, it can result in a connection that produces frequent "crackles" or even becomes unreliable.

Enter Krackle Killers™ – the world’s first purpose-built non-metallic, non-abrasive cleaner plugs for ¼” audio and musical instrument sockets.

Here’s a video where we demonstrate how Krackle Killers work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPj-j-ATS8U&feature=youtu.be

Simply moisten a Krackle Killer plug with some quality electronic contact cleaner and insert it in the socket to be cleaned. Remove and re-insert it a number of times (the grimier the socket, the more applications might be needed).


In seconds you’ve solved the age-old problem of how to clean your output/input sockets without having to either dismantle or damage them in the process!

Just click this link http://kracklekillers.com/shop to order your Krackle Killers™ cleaning plugs today!

Thanks very much for your time – I hope once you’ve tried them that you will agree with me that Krackle Killers™ are indeed a great way to “silence the static” and keep your signal clean and clear.

For further information, you’ll find our web-site at: https://www.kracklekillers.com and demonstrations of the product by noted guitar repairer David Reaume of Dave’s World of Fun Stuff on YouTube at https://youtu.be/orucxK0We2w?t=2169  and https://youtu.be/jINZH6El7eE?t=725


David Benham

CEO, Krackle Killers Inc.


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