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Free ambisonics soundbank / Mixage Fou

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Hi everyone,

This is not a disguised ad ... but a sincere gift to download freely (without registration) on the site www.mixagefou.com

For those unfamiliar with ambisonics, it is a format that describes the sound space in all directions from a central point. The idea is that once the recording is made in this format, it is possible to decode it in a multitude of formats including mono, stereo, 5.1 auro 3D 9.1 and others.

40 files / .wav / 24bits 48Khz / Format B / ambiX / order 1 (4 channels) = 3.3 GB

Creators of the Mixage Fou 2020 100% ambisonic soundbank (360 ° recordings)

- ambisonia (https://ambisonia.com/)
- Jean-Marc L’Hotel (www.jeanmarclhotel.eu)
- Sylvain Buffet (http://phonography.world/)
- Jean-Francois Bau (www.2at8.com)

So concerning the project which frames this bank, it's a call for projects (not a competition ...) to use this bank and make a crazy 80 second mix of it. If you are interested you can still submit a creation until Sunday, September 20, midnight. And if you want to exchange mixagefou@gmail.com



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