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Moving up from QSC HPR...your thought?

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I recently found a buyer for my QSC HPRs. Gonna keep the 122s for monitor duty but I am looking to do a massive upgrade on the mains. I can pick up some Peavey QWs (pair of QW2s & 4 QW118s) for a decent deal. I've also been seeing some sweet deals on some SRX speakers. $1500 for a pair of 722 and $1800 for a pair of 728s. In the past we've covered 300-500 people with my HPRs. I would like to step it up a notch for up to 1000 people. Let me know what you think would be the most optimal option. Budget is $3k-$4K for speakers. Probably another $2k for amps. I'll probably hit the used market for the most bang for the buck.

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