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FS: Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 *SOLD*


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Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 Amplifier Head


In excellent condition, includes 2-button foot switch and power cable.


Can be run at 50 or 100 watts (via switch) and runs either EL34 (in the amp now) or 6L6 power tubes (not included).


Has a unique Multi-Soak feature on each channel that allows you to dial-down the volume but keep the power tubes working hard as if the amp was dimed. Eliminates the need for an external power attenuator.


Recently retubed with (2) Ruby EL34’s in the 50-watt position (outside tube slots).


Not interested in any trades.


$1250 shipped in the CONUS.


The flagship of the TransAtlantic fleet, Mesa/Boogie's incredible Royal Atlantic RA-100 head gives you 100 watts of EL-34-fueled power and a distinctive British voice. In addition, the Royal Atlantic RA-100 gives you channel-assignable Power Soaks, so you're in total command of both your tone and your volume levels (you get two channels and three modes). Imagine: you can dial up your ideal preamp settings and add just the right amount of power amp saturation - on each channel. Want a more American amp sound? You can flip the Bias Select switch and run with 6L6 power tubes! The Royal Atlantic RA-100 is perfect for small stages, big venues, and even studio recording.


Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 Two-channel Amplifier Head Features:

  • Color: Black Taurus with gray/black grille
  • Class A/B
  • Custom designed and handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • All-tube amplifier - 4 x EL-34 (or 6L6s), 7x12AX7
  • Proprietary Multi-Soak channel-assignable power attenuator (3 watts to 100 watts)
  • Multi-Soak includes 5-position power attenuation switch (-16dB, -12dB, -8dB, -4dB, and 0dB)
  • Bias Select switch (6L6/EL34)
  • Fixed bias for consistent, maintenance-free performance
  • 2 channels, 3 footswitchable modes
  • Each mode with Independent Channel Master & Multi-Soak Power Controls (Multi-Soak Controls on back panel)
  • Channel 1 (Clean) features: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master, and Multi-Soak (on back panel)
  • Channel 2 (footswitchable Vintage Lo-Gain and Vintage Hi-Gain modes) features: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master-Lo, Master-Hi, Multi-Soak Lo & Multi-Soak Hi (on back panel)
  • All-tube, long-spring reverb with auto reverb defeat switch
  • Reverb Hard-Bypass switch removes entire reverb circuit from amp (all modes)
  • Fully buffered effects loop w/Automatic Hard-Bypass (which completely removes itself when not in use)
  • Slave Out w/level control
  • External switching jacks for Vintage Low/Hi (Clean is default)
  • 22" aluminum chassis
  • 2-button footswitch (Clean, Vintage Low/Hi)
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