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Hey All!


I wanted to create a new thread here not only to send a shout out to all the incredible contributors within these forums from 'Recording Connection', but to also be a resource to anyone who might have any questions - as I can see there have been many on these forums previously!! As Director of Student Services here at 'Recording Connection', I am probably best placed to offer answers to any questions anyone has or offer any pieces of advice!


For anyone who doesn't know - Recording Connection provides one-on-one, hands on education through our award winning mentor-apprenticeship programs in music production and audio engineering. Instead of educating our students through the typical classroom setting, we educate them inside of actual recording studios under engineers who work in the industry.


Please feel free to ask me any questions at all here. I'm happy to answer anything thrown at me - anything that might take a little longer to explain or if you ever want to actually speak to a real person, I'm also always happy to jump on the phone to discuss anything in more detail!


If you are a student, graduate, potential student, or just those in these forums looking to have any questions answered - I'm here to help!


Hope to hear from you soon!!

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Hey everyone!


I wanted to just shoot another post up to say hey! As well as to see again, if anyone had any questions I might be able to help with, in regards to what we do here at Recording Connection!


I'm always here to help! I also wanted to just put out a slight humblebrag about some of our students currently also! For example - we have one of our recent grads who just came off of running live sound for the last Kanye West tour as well as the last Kevin Hart Tour. We have a variety of amazing graduates currently who are full time engineers at the studio they studied with - like our graduate Daniel who is now full time at probably the greatest studio in NOLA , Esplanade! And not to mention all the amazing experiences our current students get - like one of our amazing students who got to assist on recording his favourite band Weezer, when they were in the studio to record!



These are the reasons we do what we do - and so, please let me know if I can help anyone out in any way!

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