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Hello people, how are you? I hope well! My name is Marcos from Brazil and I'm a mixing and mastering engineer graduated in some courses. I made musical production in 2014, Pro Tools course in 2015 and finished 2 courses about mixing and mastering here in Brazil from 2016-2017. I have a small home studio with the following stuff:


  • KRK Rokit G2 8s
  • Audio Technica ATH-M30s
  • Steinberg UR22
  • MacBook Pro 2009

I have these three programs that I bought for producing/mixing:


  • Logic Pro 9
  • Pro Tools 10
  • Mixbus v3

And these two programs for mastering:


  • WaveBurner
  • soundBlade


I also own a good plugins suite with some Waves plugins, a Nomad Factory plugin and the stock plugins from the softwares.


I offer one sample of my work doing one mixing and one mastering for one music, 100% free. It's to you know my work.


If someone's interested, just send a PM for me.

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