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Los Angeles based composer/engraver is available to help you create SHEET MUSIC out of your song, chart, symphony, mixed ensemble, etc.


http://www.hansmaestromusic.com/#!engraving/csav to begin.



For up to 2.5min of audio being transcribed:

$5 -- MELODY: 1 Staff, melody

$10 -- SONGBOOK: 1 Staff, melody -- lyrics -- opt. chords

$15 -- GRAND STAFF: 2 Staves

$20 -- TRIO: 3 Staves + Parts

$30 -- ROCK: 4 Staves + Parts

$40 -- VALUE: 5 or 6 Staves + Parts

$? Contact me for a quote on large scores.



PDF OUTPUT - industry standard engraver font based on your genre.


+$5 for cover page, dedication and/or closing credits page, etc. Please ask!


PLEASE INQUIRE with questions on CURRENT QUEUE and time frame.

Secure Paylinks are created after the order is placed and files are received.



Thank you!

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I have a mint cond. AUGUSTINO LOPRINZI for sale.contact jack LM15 MAHOGANY 750. DOLLARS. 863/589 2047 photos available this guitar is 40 yrs. Old and sounds.unreal pristine cond.




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