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Republishing/remixing a previously released track???

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Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to do this, and figured I'd post here since you guys all seem so knowledgeable about the music biz/legal side of things. So here's the story:- I digitally released a track about 18 months ago on my little label, through a distributor. The track is available on the usual services; Spotify, iTunes, etc. The track is registered for songwriting/publisher royalties with my PRO here in Ireland, and for master licensing/copyright/mechanicals with PPI - the company which collects on behalf of master recording owners (in this case, my little record company) here. A publisher has recently expressed an interest in licensing the track for the soundtrack of a movie, but wants me to get the track professionally remixed, as the sonics are, admittedly, 2nd rate. This is easily do-able, as there are 2 Harrison equipped studios within 20 miles of here, and i know the owners and personnel from both through my day job. What I'm wondering/worried about is how to go about publishing/releasing this remixed version? Would it be better to delete all releases and associated PRO/master recording data for the original version of this track, before releasing the new version? Or is there some other way to re-release an updated mix, ensuring that all applicable royalties go to the right person? (i.e. me) Please bear in mind that this is not a remix in the edm/techno sense. The stems/arrangement will be identical to the original - just an improvement (hopefully!) over my original ITB PTLE 7.4 mix which was done on my little workstation here at home. I hope these questions make sense!

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