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Hello everyone,


As a newcomer to this board, I have tried as much as possible to find an answer to my questions by searching older posts, but I have come up virtually empty handed.


I recently started a small band (four people) and we play rockabilly, surf tunes, and other oldies. We are finally ready to book our first gig, but...no PA.


We will only be playing for crowds of 50-150 (unless the group gets wildly popular, which I highly doubt because of where we will be playing).


I have read the PA 101 tutorials several times, glossaries, etc. but I honestly still don't have a handle on it. In my mind, the PA should be loud enough to be able to put the vocals at the same volume of an unmic'd drum set, but after reading some posts on here I realize that there are a multitude of variables that I have a great deal of trouble comprehending. I usually find myself lost in a sea of ohms, watts, and bridged modes...


Musicians Friend sells a Behringer PMP1680S / B215XL PA Package that brings a 10 channel powered mixer and two 15" speakers and some mics that I'm sure are garbage...but with an $800 price tag...is this worth it? Would this rig be adequate for my band? I honestly don't even know whether to mic vocals, amps, or what. I don't know whether I could get away with simply using direct lines from the amps' "out" jacks...I know very little about this stuff and it is exceedingly confusing.


Can anyone please help?


Thanks so much!


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