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Custom Line6 JTV-59 "New Black"


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fetch?filedataid=93221&type=fullfetch?filedataid=93220&type=fullfetch?filedataid=93219&type=full From a post on the Harmony Central forum I was inspired by "AnthonyLee's" custom JTV-59 & Neil Young's 1953 Gibson Goldtop to also create a custom JTV-59 "New Black" with modified Bigsby B7 set back 1/4" using a milled aluminum block, custom strap lock, potted nickel/silver 50mm covers on the stock pickups, fitted Les Paul pick guard, Gotoh locking tuners and abalone trapezoidal inlays and custom truss rod cover, GHS Rock 700 .009 - .042 S/S flat wounds.




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