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Parts FS: Samick bass neck, Peavey T-15 neck, Epi humbucker


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Clearing out my closet to make way for a bass project. Just a couple of things I don't need anymore.


Just make an offer on these, shipping included. I apologize in advance for the photos, my cybershot got stolen but I can take more pics on request.


First is a Samick bass neck from a LB-11 (p-bass copy). Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Seems to be standard full scale Fender size; 20 frets, 2 1/2" at the base, 1 5/8" at the nut, 17" from nut to 12th fret, and 23 1/4" from nut to 20th fret. Neck is straight and in good condition other than a scuff by the truss rod adjust and the top of the head and the is some considerable fret wear on the first 5 frets. Sorry, guys, keeping the tuners, string saddle, and neck bolts and plate (but I might be talked out of the tuners and saddle, I haven't decided whether or not to keep them).




I also have a Peavey T-15 neck. I think it is maple. I salvaged this after my roommate smashed his T-15 against a tree (uncool, I know). I thought I might do something with it but I have no use for a 20 fret guitar neck. This neck will need to be refinished, it is definitely a project neck. Chips all over the head stock, scratches and scuffs all over the fret board and back of the neck. But, neck is straight and the bolt holes at the base are intact. Included are the tuners, saddle, original metal nut, bolts and metal plate (sorry, the plastic neck plate between neck and metal plate broke in half), and some other broken electronics, strap pegs and junk. Sorry, roommate kept the pups and body from this junker.

2 1/8" at base, 1 3/4" at nut, 11 5/8" nut to 12th, 16 1/8" nut to 20th.







Finally, I have a bridge position humbucker from an Epiphone "E-Series" Slasher. Epiphone described these as "ultra hot" pups and it is, just wasn't ballsy enough for me so I replaced it. Would be a good upgrade for lower-end humbuckers or even a replacement for Strat or Tele..or whatever! You can't tell in the picture but the cover has a cool little "e" with wings engraved on it. I can probably rustle up some screws and springs for mounting.









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