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IPods for Sale!


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Help me fund a road case for my JCM2000! :wave:


Now on Ebay:




6th Gen 80GB Classic


Bought new. Semi-minimal use. Light scratches on back and a few small scratches on the screen; nothing that is noticeable when the IPod is turned on. Small nick on top left corner and there's some kind of mark on the clickwheel. Comes with original box, USB cable and rubber protection case.





4th Gen 20GB Classic


Bought new. This IPod has seen a lot of use. The front and back are heavily scratched, but not the point where it affects usage. I've been having some problems with the battery; it's not keeping charge anymore and I haven't had any chances to buy and install a new battery - with a little bit of know how you could have yourself a great 20GB mp3 player for under $60 (I'm actually not too sure how much a battery is :facepalm::lol:) Comes with no accessories.





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