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WTT/WTB: My D-Activator X neck for Seymour Duncan Jazz or Dimarzio Air Norton


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Pretty much says it all in the title. Looking to trade my F Spaced D-Activator X neck (black) for a F Spaced Seymour Duncan Jazz or Dimarzio Air Norton both in black. The Jazz has a higher priority than the Air Norton.


Just a heads up for those who don't know, F spaced pickups are those with spacing for floyd rose equipped guitars to accommodate the slightly different spacing for strings.


Purchased last August from Music123, still in cosmetically perfect condition with lots of lead. It's still in my guitar right now. It'll come with it's original case with paper work (although it has a decent crack, it still looks good).


Or, if maybe someone has one of these for sale and would let it go for a decent price, let me know how much you want for it.


Prefer to trade, but if the price is right, I might buy it. If we do trade, it'll be shipped USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.






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