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Im shipping everything in USPS flat rate boxes so i've included shipping in the prices. If you want a few things, you only have to pay for shipping once, so minus $5 from whatever else you want (assuming it fits in the same box)


Loaded Fender MIM HH Black 3-ply pickguard. Pickups are Fender Tex Mex humbuckers. $45 shipped ($10 for shipping in a larger box; $35 for the unit)



Matching black humbuckers from a Dean Vendetta, both have lots of lead $15 shipped


Duncan Designed HB102 Neck pickup (black) w/ cover from a Schecter C-1 E/A about 5-6 inches of lead $15 shipped


GFS Crunchy Pat gold with gold cover $25 shipped


Black closed tuners (3x3) from Dean Vendetta $10 shipped


POSTED ON 12/27/09


PRS SE tuners, chrome $15 shipped


T.O.M. Bridge Piece with saddles, black from Dean Vendetta. $10 shipped







PM ME! :thu: Money Order only


MORE TO COME SOON (including lots of knobs!)

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