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FS - LP, SG, ES Wiring Harnesses - CTS, PIO, Switchcraft


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I've been selling these on eBay and other forums for a bit now and have gotten some excellent response. I just do these for a hobby and to put my love of guitars, electronics and 40+ years of soldering to use and maybe make the world a better place, one guitar at a time :rolleyes:


The particular harness pictured below is an LP style that uses 50s style wiring, and includes CTS 10% short shaft pots, K40y-9 .022uf PIO cap in the bridge position and K42y-2 .015uf PIO cap for the neck. They are wired with vintage waxed cloth 22AWG wire for a vintage vibe :thu:


I can also make one for your SG or 335 style guitar. Prices are the same.


Just reuse your existing switch and jack or I can add a switchcraft jack or switch (see pricelist below). Includes clear instructions and wiring diagram. For the one pictured below, I'm asking for $45 shipped and paypal'd. PM me with questions!




Price list:


50s style harness default configuration. All have vintage style waxed cloth 22AWG wire, CTS 500k pots, PIO caps (K40y-9 and/or K42y-2) w/insulated leads in your choice of either .022uf or .015uf value. I recommend the harness listed because I personally like the effect the .015uf cap has on the neck pickup in my LPs.


$45 with short shaft CTS 500k 10% pots

$50 with long shaft CTS 500k 10% pots

$20 additional for Sprague Vitamin Q caps

$20 additional for RS Guitarworks Superpots (volume only)

$5 additional for a Switchcraft J11 jack (wired)

$20 additional for a Switchcraft switch (wired)


Additional costs for custom work depending on how custom you want it. Contact me if you want something other than what is listed above.


NOTE: CTS pots require 3/8" dia. holes to mount. If you have an Asian guitar, chances are you will need to ream the holes to accommodate these.


Peace, and good tone!



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