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WTT EMG full setup, wiring/ pots/ pickups for passive setup


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Like the title says. I have a guitar that is loaded with EMGs with 5 way switch, tone pot and push/pull coil split olume pot all jacks and battery harness etc. I will be putting passives in it. I would like to trade with someone that has a similar setup with passive pickups. It is an esp superstrat (H/s/H) so I need a 5 way switch if you want mine. As far as EMGs I have 85s, 81s, an 89, and a single coil, the pickups are all mint. I would trade any two and the wiring for two GOOD passives, I prefer bareknuckle and will add cash or a suhr DA and will add cash, as far as the neck Im looking for something that is splittable and gets good cleans.

I am not desperate so please no generic stuff and I don't like dimarzio. Like I said I will add cash for BKP or Suhr otherwise Im looking for duncans.

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