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FS/FT Behringer UCG102 guitar interface like new


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Selling a UCG102 that was used once then put back into its original packaging.

The behringer did not work with my computer so i have to get the line 6 interface. $25 plus shipping or trade for line 6 tone port(will add cash)



just bought a few days ago here is the paypal reciept,


Original Order

Date Type Status Details Amount

June 12, 2012 Order To Musician's Friend, Inc. Completed Details -$33.99 USD


Related Transactions

Date Type Status Details Amount

June 12, 2012 Pending Balance Payment Placed Details -$33.99 USD

June,12 2012 Pending Balance Payment Removed Details $33.99 USD

June 12, 2012 Express Checkout Payment Sent Completed ... -$33.99 USD

Original Order:

Total Payment: -$33.99 USD

-$33.99 USD

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