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TONS of Fender parts for sale...Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster Pickguards, knobs


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Time to clean out the spare parts drawer(s)... Shipping not included, will be calculated depending on what/how much you buy. Something here for everyone!

4. 50

5. Squier VM Jazzmaster WITH control bracket-12.00

6. Squier VM Jazzmaster without control bracket (new) 10.00

7. Squier VM Jazzmaster white like new 9.00

Bottom row:

8. White Squier JM or USA spec Jaguar (new)-10.00

9. White Squier JM or USA spec Jaguar (new)-10.00


P><P><img src=

Black USA Telecaster pickguard (From American Special) 10.00



P><P><img src=

Strat knobs... various degrees of aging/yellowing. 5 bucks a set, specify which number you want.

DSC00335-XL.jpg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://joeybsyc.smugmug.com/Other/Parts-for-sale/i-QPmChSt/0/XL/DSC00335-XL.jpg[/img]

Squier VM Jazzmaster cr

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