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Native Instruments Komplete 3 and KORE package for sale or trade

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hello everyone. I have a MINT copy of Komplete 3 up for sale. This is the full Komplete 3 package with all dvds in immaculate condition along with all virtually untouched manuals and documentation as well as original box. I bought this item around 3 months ago new but I need live gear at the moment so I must sell. This item is practically brand new.


Im also putting up for sale my KORE system. I bought this unit a month after I purchased the Komplete 3 set. This unit is also practically brand new (no scratches, nothing)and comes with all documentation, manuals and original box as well. These are NOT academic versions. Here's your chance to get the full Komplete 3 system with KORE for a sweet price. Now, dontget me wrong, I love this system as together it allows you to come up with some sick mixtures of beats and sounds all thanks to KORE handling and sorting the massive amount of sounds included with the Komplete 3 software. However I want to sell as I need some live gear fast. Im asking for 800 obo for everything.


Im also interested in trading, if you happen to own something Im looking for. Some of the gear Id consider trading for (plus or minus cash where needed)include:


*Waldorf XTK

*Alesis Andromeda

*Roland V Synth (either versions)

*Nord Lead(G2, 2x or 3)

*Access Virus (KC, KB, or Indigo 1 or 2)

*older gear like a Sequential Circuits Pro One or Pro 600


I have plenty of references, if needed just ask. If you want pictures of the items, Ill email those promptly as well. Email me ANY offers. I just hooked up a nice paying live gig and I need extra live gear fast so let me know any offers. Please email me at





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