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Help recording Midi in DP4


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Hi, I need some help.


I just recently started using DP4, and I'm trying to record midi. For example, I want to play on a keyboard and have the midi notes, veloticy, etc. recorded to a track in DP, but I must be doing something wrong.


I'm using one of the cheap Midisport 1x1 USB interfaces, which I have no problem getting it to work for other things.


I've checked everything I can think of, but when I start recording DP isn't coming up with anything. I've got the MIDI Monitor open, but nothing is happening there. I have gotten Midi to be sent to external devices through DP.


I'm not sure what else I can do...any suggestions?



P.S. Sorry if I'm not making sense on everything. If you want me to clarify anything, just ask...

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