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FS: 1st Gen Black Apple Macbook

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Selling my mac. I've been the only owner since this model came out. In very good cosmetic condition. The is an issue with the trackpad clicker button. It seems to think that it is pressed in at all times. I was told that it may be because of the battery being so old that the cells may have expanded therefore causing the trackpad to not sit right. i tried using it without the battery but the problem still persists. I'm using a external mouse with it and everything is fine. The issue only happens when the trackpad button is used. Also there are 2 tiny pressure cracks on the lower right hand side of the body. Most likely from resting my palm there when typing. They are barely noticeable.



HD 80gb

Processor 2GHz Intel Core Duo

Memory 1GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Leopard 10.5.8






Asking $500 OBO


Any other Q's just send me a message.



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