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Drum Kat DK10 $220 shipped con US


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Excellent Condition DK10 - has been in my closet for the past 10 years - time to move and lighten the load! It was never used for *anything* other than trade show demos, one week a year for about 3 years in a row in the 90s... that's it!


I had held on to it for my son (who plays) but he's not into the MIDI side of things at all...


Price is firm and includes shipping within the USA ONLY I can take PayPal at no extra cost to you. If you are in L.A. or north of there I will go lower for a pickup/drop off cash deal since I will save the shipping and PP costs.


Includes the mounting post on the bottom - for the stand (not included). It is missing the power supply - but that's a no brainer. Alternate Mode has a manual online for this (also not included).


Missing power supply - 9volts DC, 500ma (milliamps), center/tip + (positive) is the specification Kat has given me, though you should double check with them as well. They sell them, but it is $25 and I think you can find them much cheaper ($5-10) and easily - Here is a link to the one they are selling -




Also on their site you can find the manual in PDF format. Have you worked one of these before? If no - you can download it and read about it first.




No pedals or other accessories - just the Kat head and mounting post. It is not the current model - probably circa 1994 if I had to guess. It worked 100% perfect the last time it was used so I have no reason to believe otherwise - 100% money back guarantee. (return shipping not included)


2 pics here - http://www.karenengel.com/p798385796/h3f9b3e77#h3f9b3e77

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email - info@karenengel.com

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