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FS: Philly Area DW Pacific CX Series Fusion Set+Cymbals, Hardware-$600 OBO


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I have for sale a full drumset, barely used, of the older (I think) version of the DW Pacific CX Series. It's a beautiful blue onyx (I think that's what they called it, just look at the pictures) set, and it includes the following:

PDP CX Fusion shells:

10, 12, and 14 inch toms (the 14 inch is attached to a cymbal stand, not a separate floor tom)

18x22 inch bass drum

14 inch snare



Sabian 14 inch "Pro Sonix" Hi Hats

Sabian Mystery Ride (says Sabian on the bottom, but no other information-I think it was on the top but it came off before I bought it), 20 inch

Wuhan S Series 16 inch Medium Thin Crash

Wuhan S Series 18 inch crash

Wuhan China 18 inch


All the hardware is PDP, except for one crappy no-name cymbal stand (that's the one with blue duct tape on it in the pictures)-this includes the hi hat stand, a double bass pedal, 2 typical cymbal stands, and the one cymbal stand that has an attachment for the floor tom on it. I will also throw in a pack of moongel, which makes the set sound much better (in my opinion), a bunch of random sticks, including Pro-mark 7A hickory and 5A hickory sticks, a "cosmic percussion" stick bag, and most importantly, a drink holder that attaches to the cymbal stand!!!


I bought this set used (minus the Wuhan cymbals and one of the two extra PDP cymbal stands) a few years ago, so I could record all the parts on my own songs. However, I prefer to play other instruments (bass and oboe, mostly), and I never put much time into getting good at drums, so I'd rather have somebody who would actually take advantage of this good sounding set own it. I've played it on a couple of recordings, and have had jams with it a couple of times, but I replaced the heads once since I got it, and I would say it is a barely used drumset, although you can see for yourself how it looks and sounds. Although I'm not much of a drummer, I've played with many great drummers, and so I know a pretty good sounding set when I hear one, I think, and this set definitely sounds good to me. I'm also in college now, in Ohio, and I can't take it with me, so it gets even less use than it would! Also, none of the microphones and microphone stands in the picture are included, and neither is the swivel chair.


Anyway, I'm looking for $600: I paid $625 for the set, but that was without the extra Wuhan cymbals, new heads for all the shells except the bass drum, extra PDP stand, and of course the moongel and all the sticks and stuff. Make me an offer, I'm open to suggestions, and I'd really like to get this set to somebody who can use it! It would make a great gift for the holidays!


Also, that first picture got flipped: it is set up for right handed use, but of course you can change it however you want.


I'm 15 minutes outside of Philly, I would be willing to deliver a short distance, but I'd much rather you come to me. Also, shipping is pretty much not possible unless you want to pay around $300 (that's what I paid for shipping when I bought it).


Here are some pictures:







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