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FS: Zildjian K Custom 20" Dark ride


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Somebody please take this one from me before I change my mind. I only ever say it that way when I could easily talk myself into keeping the thing I'm selling...it's not a sales pitch so much as a cry for help.


This ride is beautifully deep in tone, with complexity that enhances rather than complicates its wash. The bell is well integrated and doesn't pop out in the mix in a bad way as some do. Weight is a medium (or slightly thinner) 2250 grams, and the edge is somewhat crashable even if the crash sound doesn't open up immediately. Perfect for your jazz, pop, rock, blues, or acoustic setting.


As usual there are no issues of dings, dents, cracks, or problems with the hole or edges. There is some dirt and gunk from smoke and use, but overall a great sounding ride in very good shape. Please send a PM if you have any questions...




A new one is about $335 at MF/GC/etc., but mine is only...


$210 shipped in the US48!

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