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FS: George Way Hollywood brass 6.5x14 snare


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This is one of the modern George Way snares. It's a fantastic sounding drum with a heavy brass shell and chrome plating. The tone is a round "pahhh" sound that isn't harsh or unpleasantly complex, and has a great finesse to it, allowing for very articulate response with a rich brass tone.


Eight beautiful lugs and a very effective but understated throwoff and butt. The drum is in very good condition with a couple of minor blemishes on the rims (see pic #4) and one flat spot on the shell which looks like it was a dent that was repaired. The bearing edges are perfect and in-round, the drum tunes easily and quickly and suffers no problems from the flat spot. I've shown the area in pictures #5, 6, and 7. As evidenced by the photos, you can see the flat spot when looking "up" toward the bearing edge (pic #5) or from straight on inside (#6) but the normal view of the drum does not show anything (#7). This is how I got the drum and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Feel free to PM me with any questions.


This is one of the best sounding brass snares I've owned, and I think the best value in a heavy brass shell today. The other options, like Joyful Noise, are far more expensive. New examples of this drum sell for about $500, this one is much less!


EDIT: $279 including shipping in the US48!









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