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My MINT Krank Rev+ head for Your Bass/Amp

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The only scratch on this amp is on the "A" on the front logo. No idea how it got there, but everything else on the amp looks brand new. Includes footswitch. Extremely low hours on the tubes, sounds fantastic!




I'm looking to trade for a nice bass or an amp & cab. Obviously, I will add cash if yours is worth more.


What I'm looking for bass-wise (4 or 5 strings will do):


USA Peavey Cirrus

Warwick Thumb

USA P-Bass

Ibanez Prestige

Music Man Stingray (double bucker pref)


Amps I'm interested in:


Mesa M6 or M9 Carbine

Mesa Big Block 750

Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

Markbass whatever

Eden WT800


Cabs I'd be interested in:

Mesa 4x10

Mesa 2x12

GK NEO 4x10

Ampeg SVT 6x10

Markbass 4x10

*Just to be clear, I'm not looking to trade JUST for a cab. If you have a cab you'd like you trade with your head, and both are worth more combined than my head, then I will add cash, but I need a head more than the cab :thu:


The lists are in the order that I'd prefer them in, but I'm probably forgetting some.


If you have something I didn't list that is of similar quality, please feel free to send me a message :thu:

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