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New Song...comments welcome


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gave it a listen. i was diggin it up until the harpsichord thing came in....and i was like...what the....? then the tremelo line came in and i was liek....waht the....? then the drums picked up and i was like "wow, this is pretty cool." and towards the end i was diggin the harpsichord thing and the tremelo line and i couldnt imagine the song without them. so in hindsight, i like it :) definitely expand it out man....2 minutes is way too short. i know you said it ended abruptly: you werent kiddin! :D


i kept thinking of a platform-style action game for the nintendo (not one inparticular....but just something like that). and i was picturing vibrant colors and happy kids playing this game. and then i started thinking that all was right in this videogame world. and i pictured a happy character passing happy trees....kind of like in a Bob Ross painting. konw what i mean? :D



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