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Ampeg Tenor Guitar/Bass (like Dan Armstrong) for sale/trade RARE


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Hey, I have for sale a weird Ampeg tenor guitar/bass thing I got about 5 years ago. It's in excellent condition and sounds absolutely great, I just don't have any use for it. It's shaped just like the Dan Armstrong bass and is very light. Here's a picture:




If anybody knows just exactly what this may be, please fill me in. I always thought it was a bass, but regular bass strings don't fit on it and it's fitted with basically guitar tuners. I'm not sure how much I'm asking yet, so shoot me an offer and I'll get back to you. I'm also looking to trade for/towards:


1)a Marshall JCM 800 2204

2)any Marshall cab with celestions (particularly greenbacks)

3)a Gibson Les Paul standard or custom


Thanks for looking!

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