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Dean 5 String Fretless

mr sprocket

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Here is another bass that needs a little work, a five sting fretless Dean bass. I won this one on ebay thinking I would start playing fretless. The neck is in good shape. It plays similar to my Ibanez SR basses, pretty narrow. The previous owner added EMG pickups and tone controls which sound pretty good. It has a transparent gray wood grain finish.


Now for the issues. The bass came with the some of the oldest strings I have seen on a bass. I might have a set of D'Addario XL to go with it. The bridge is bent at the bottom lifting up from the body. It does not to appear to be pulling or coming off but this does effect the action some. With a new bridge I think the action could get really low.


There is also a nice Fender hardshell case that comes with the bass.


I am trying to get what I paid on ebay for it so $200 plus shipping.





Links to more pictures.


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