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Acoustic B-200 1x 15 + tweeter Combo Bass Amplifier with Casters


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This is a great combo amp that works like new. Really delivers punch low-end with better than expected mids and highs for a 1x15 setup. I added casters so it rolls nicely and has flip up side handles. I changed slide on knobs( one of the not so good

areas, however shy one knob. However all pots are perfect bno noise XLR adjustable line out that is one othe quietest you ever use { sound guys love the low noise of the head} See Harmony Central for User reviews rated

4 out of 5 on Sound rating for Acoustic B-200. Very deep puchy bass, you would be hard pressed tofind anything as loud , deep and growl without spend double the new sales price. New acousticmodels B 200 selling for $449.


Does have some loading rash on tolex however everything works as new.

I bought a second identical one and keeping it as it is a few months newer.

These are truly reliable flexible tone combos that have excellent features especially for price I am selling for $150 you pick-up or pay shipping.


Questions email me at michaelhawthorne@ymail.com or call at 904-277-8755. In Fernandina Beach FL.

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