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For Sale: Muiscman S.U.B 4-string, Active


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rest of the album...


Got a Musicman by ernieball here. Its the active model, not passive. There is a misconception going around that depending on the the way "SUB BASS" or "S.U.B Bass" is spelt, is the type of musicman you have. Ive done a lot of looking  around and there is no definte category from what ive been seeing as far as model vs passive, the only info i gathered from the completed listings were that actives have fetched for more. 


anyways, the bass is in great shape, could use a set up but it is still comfortable enough for me to play on and not complain. has a tiny knick in the paint (textured finish) as pictured. The finish is very resitant to scratching. the electronics and eq's work well, no scratcy pots. There are a few knicks on the headstock but nothing major or big. 


All in all the guitar is physically in good shape, astethics id give a 7.5 to be conservative. I really think its in much better shape then it sounds.


will come shipped with its original hardshell musicman case.


450 shipped to anywhere in the States. international, buyers pay shipping. 



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